Welcome from Our CEO

Owen Stearns Became CEO of Excel Academy in 2013

Dear Friend,

Excel has been a major part of my life since its inception when I was a member of the founding group that submitted a charter application to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in 2002.

What began as a small single-site school with 100 6th grade students in a strip mall in East Boston has grown into a four-school network that this year alone is educating 1,400 5th through 12th graders. Our mission remains to prepare students to be successful through their post-secondary paths, apply their learning to solve relevant problems, and engage productively in their communities.

In the spring of 2019, we celebrated a huge milestone for Excel – the graduation of our first class of high school seniors. Ninety percent of those that graduated were admitted to at least one college that was affordable for them with 13 percent of those being admitted to “Top Tier” colleges. 

Excel Academy’s students have achieved unprecedented success at the middle and high school levels. Excel Academy students have consistently been ranked as top performers among peer schools in the state based on the percentage of our students who are Meeting or Exceeding Expectations on the MCAS exams. This consistent performance is more than just a statistic — it speaks to the real impact our schools are having on our students’ lives and their communities. 

Excel Academy is defined not by whom we exclude, but by whom we include in our community. Excel Academy prioritizes an approach that is both rigorous and inclusive. Each year, more of our students are gaining access to challenging, college-level course work. One-hundred-percent of our students participate in college access programming starting in the 5th grade through the support of our venerable College Access & Post-Secondary Success team. We can proudly say that at 4 percent, Excel Academy has a lower attrition rate than any other Boston charter public school and our sending districts. Of our first graduating class, 83 percent matriculated to college and 100 percent had at least one strong post-secondary option. Compare this with the fact that nationally fewer than 10 percent of students from low-income families are expected to earn bachelor’s degrees and you can see the impact Excel is having on our students’ trajectories.

I am continually impressed by the dedication and commitment of our talented staff. It is because of the work they do, every single day, that Excel has a story of impact and potential to tell. I am proud of that story and I hope you will continue to help us tell it into the future.

  • To our parents and students: thank you for choosing Excel and for being our community.
  • To our teachers: thank you for going above and beyond every day to ensure each and every one of our students is on a path to future success and fulfillment.
  • To prospective candidates: take a look around and consider joining our team. Excel is a great place to work, full of idealistic, passionate, hard-working educators whose commitment to their craft is unrivaled.
  • To donors and prospective donors: please know how far a gift to Excel Academy will go — we are changing lives here and our track record is unparalleled.

Thank you for your interest in Excel Academy and I hope you will explore our website to learn more about our work.

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Owen Stearns
Chief Executive Officer