Family Stories

The stories our families tell of how their child's life is being changed by attending Excel Academy can be profound.

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Celebrating Excellence: Meet Our Students

Kevin James ’13

Kevin James was the student speaker at the Class of 2013 Excel Academy East Boston Commencement. His story is illustrative of how personalized teaching and attention by Excel’s teachers and staff can change a young person’s trajectory. We invite you to read his speech.

Evie Santana-Nola

“This year I will make the decision for the fourth time to apply for one of my children to go to Excel Academy Charter School.” Read more of Evie’s story and her commitment to Excel Academy Charter School Evie’s Story.

"Every teacher that my children have had made a big and positive impact on them and all the students at Excel Academy Chelsea. The teachers are a huge blessing in the lives of their students in terms of academics and emotional development, and the students have great admiration for them."

Ingrid Garcia Mother of two Excel Academy students

"We were getting ready to move my son into college and packing up the car when one of our neighbors asked what we were doing. When I explained that we were bringing my son to college, he couldn't believe it. He said 'people from Chelsea don't go to college!' He was shocked. That's what Excel did for my son and for our family."

José Rodriguez Father of Excel Academy 9th grader and an Excel alumnus