Visit Excel Academy

A Collaborative Effort

On average, Excel Academy hosts upwards of 450 visitors per year from across the country, primarily other educators, who desire to learn from our systems, procedures, and positive school culture. 

Because we are striving towards the same goal as many of our peer schools — to provide a quality education for all children — we gladly welcome all visitors who wish to learn from our experiences and use them to shape their own schools. At Excel, we believe our work is a collaborative effort. We believe the sharing of best practices in academics, operations, and culture brings us one step closer as educators to achieving our mission of quality education for all. We are glad to share our practices and pedagogies with our peers and supporters across the country.

Please email with any questions regarding your desire to visit Excel Academy. 

"This is the DNA from which my former schools have been built, and this school will be the primary school to which I send my teachers and staff. Thank you for your vision and consistency."

Visitor to Excel Academy, 2014