Excel Academy Rhode Island

Opening in Fall of 2022. Join our Community!

Excel Academy Rhode Island is a tuition-free charter public K-12 school that has received preliminary approval from the Rhode Island Board of Education to begin serving students in the 2022-2023 school year. Our school will serve 5th graders from the city of Providence, North Providence, and Central Falls starting in September 2022. 

We present our students with educational experiences that allow them to grow and discover their best selves so that when they leave our halls, they can successfully navigate all of the post-secondary options available to them. Our theory of change has remained consistent: when a student has the support and tools to pursue a productive post-secondary pathway aligned with personal identity and values, it can fundamentally change their life trajectory.

To find out more about our student enrollment process or general questions about our school please contact rienrollment@excelacademy.org.

Rigorous and Inclusive

Excel Academy’s students have achieved remarkable success at the middle and high school levels. Excel Academy students have consistently been ranked as top performers among peer schools in the state based on the percentage of our students who are Meeting or Exceeding Expectations on state exams. Excel Academy prioritizes an approach that is both rigorous and inclusive.

  • Nearly eighty percent of our students come from low-income families.
  • Twenty-percent of our student population qualifies for special education services.
  • The percentage of our students with disabilities who meet or exceed expectations on state assessments is double the state’s average.
  • 60% of our students’ first language is non-English.
  • 10% more of our students who are English language learners meet or exceed expectations on state exams in the 8th grade in comparison to our sending districts.

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If you are interested in enrolling your student at Excel Academy please email Daimar Colon at dcolon@excelacademy.org or call (401) 679-6563.

If you are interested in learning about open positions and working with please contact Alejandra Gil at agil@excelacademy.org.

"We were getting ready to move my son into college and packing up the car when one of our neighbors asked what we were doing. When I explained that we were bringing my son to college, he couldn't believe it. He said 'people from Chelsea don't go to college!' He was shocked. That's what Excel did for my son and for our family."

José Rodriguez Father of Excel Academy 9th grader and an Excel alumnus