Student Growth

 “These kids are not robots or machines, they’re human beings with thoughts and feelings. I love that as a teacher, I’m given the support I need to maintain a stable, inclusive and safe learning environment, and the freedom to laugh and have joy in our classroom while work is getting done.”

-Josh LaPlant, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies, Excel Academy East Boston

  • A rigorous and engaging academic program centered on the concept of joyful struggle is the hallmark of an Excel Academy education.
  • Teachers work to make content both rigorous and relevant to the real world in an authentic way.  In math class, students might apply formulas to predict natural disasters; in science class, students are led to analyze the implications of genetic testing; and, in ELA, students are empowered to discuss how literature helps us understand human motivation.
  • 20% of Excel students qualify for special education services. Excel offers a wide continuum of placement options in middle and high school, including a substantially-separate, small group classroom, with differentiated behavioral and learning systems.
  • Most Excel special education students receive their services in a full-inclusion setting, supported by both learning specialists and excellent content teachers.
  • Every Excel high school student is assigned a College Access and Postsecondary Success (CAPS) team advisor. CAPS advisors support students in planning and executing their post-secondary goals, incorporating special considerations and accommodations for high-needs students.
  • Excel is continuing to expand our in-house team of service providers in response to evolving student needs. Across the network, this team currently includes reading specialists, speech and language pathologists, and one full-time school psychologist.
Families as Partners
  • Excel values families as important partners in their children’s development. All campuses have clear and operational family engagement strategies which create a consistent feeling of “being on the same team” with families in serving our students.
  • Every student at Excel has an advisor who is responsible for bridging communication between home and school and strengthening school/family relationships.
  • We emphasize both the strengths each student possesses and are transparent about a student’s challenges. We provide the information and guidance for families to effectively and regularly monitor their student’s progress toward academic goals.
  • Families receive a weekly report which outlines students’ grades, homework completion, attendance, and behavior – and include personalized notes from the advisor – each week.
  • Excel capitalizes on the unique perspectives, identities, and interests of our students to foster a strong sense of school culture and community.
  • Excel utilizes a choice-based behavior management system designed to provide more incentives than consequences.
  • During homeroom time, Excel middle schools deliver a “Character Education” curriculum designed to teach non-cognitive skills and help students grow as individuals.
  • Once a week, high school students participate in an activity called Circle. Circle is a process which nurtures personal, relational, and community growth through the sharing of and reflecting on individual experiences. Based on the success of Circle, it is likely to expand to middle schools in the future.