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Network Team

Estevan Puerta

Director of Community Engagement

Estevan Puerta joined Excel’s staff in 2017 as the Network Operations Associate. In this role he helped families apply and enroll at Excel Academy for three enrollment cycles. He currently serves as the Director of Community Engagement. Estevan has become an ideal resource in supporting families in applying for benefits access programs and support. With his prior experience in student enrollment, Estevan serves as an Ambassador of Excel to families in the community that are interested in applying. Prior to Excel, Estevan worked as a claims adjuster for Plymouth Rock Assurance in Boston, MA, and a restaurant Manager in several restaurants. Estevan holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Stonehill College. Among his many responsibilities Estevan is a model representation of what we hope our students will achieve as he is one of several alumni that now work for Excel Academy. Estevan graduated from Excel Academy in 2008.