Excel Academy Charter High School

Attention families: Excel Academy’s text message system now requires you to opt-in to receive texts from school. Please text YES to 87569 to sign-up to receive texts from school.

Atención familias: el sistema de mensajes de texto de Excel Academy ahora requiere que opte por recibir mensajes de texto de la escuela. Envíe un mensaje de texto YES al 87569 para inscribirse para recibir mensajes de texto de la escuela.

Summer reading assignments for rising 9th, 10th and 11th graders. Lectura del verano 2020: Grados 9, 10, + 11.

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XLHS Exterior

School Leadership

Head of School: Nina Keough
Assistant Head of School: Sarah Stuntz
Dean of Operations: Stevie Roberts
Dean of Students: Ben Ure
Dean of Curriculum & Instruction: Jamie de Rios, Mariah Baxter, and Carrie Wagner
Dean of College Access & Post-Secondary Success: Laura Goldworm
Associate Dean of Students: Darius Velez, Charlotte Ljustina, Shaamar Velez
Dean of Student Supports: Melissa Eaton
Associate Dean of Student Supports: Antonina Parris

Contact Us

Mailing Address: 401 Bremen Street, East Boston, MA 02128
Telephone: 617-326-3574
Fax: 617-674-3427
CEEB Code: 222067