Our Supporters

Building for the Future

Who Supports Excel Academy?

Excel Academy is a tuition-free public charter school. A majority of our operating expenses are covered by public dollars.

However, charter schools do not receive funds for extraordinary programming or facilities. Therefore, we rely on the generous support of a number of individuals, foundations, and corporations to maintain Excel’s success and impact.

As Excel moves forward with Building for the Future: The Campaign for Excel Academy, our ambitious multi-year $12 million fundraising campaign, we will continue to rely on our philanthropic partners. To date, we have raised $10 million against our $12 million goal. 

Over the past couple of years, many of our most generous donors have been compelled by our high school building project. Even though that project is now off the ground and slated to open in 2016, Excel Academy is still focused on raising the growth capital it needs to reach full scale.

All gifts, of any size, are greatly appreciated and directly support our mission to prepare students for high school and college.

Major Donors to Building for the Future: The Campaign for Excel Academy

Since launching the launch of our public capital campaign, Building for the Future: The Campaign for Excel Academy, in 2013, Excel Academy has raised over $10 million against a $12 million goal to support our organizational growth and the construction of our new high school building. Dozens of individual and organizational supporters have contributed generous amounts to this campaign and we are grateful for their incredible support of our schools. Over 400 donors in total are a part of this historic campaign to solidify our position as one of the top public schools in the United States.

Below are the donors who have given or pledged $100,000 or more to the campaign since July 1, 2013. Without the tremendous support from these donors, Excel’s vision of a game-changing 5-12 public charter school network would not be possible.

$1 Million+

Andrew and Melora Balson
Levangie Family Foundation
Stephen and Kristin Mugford
NewSchools Venture Fund
Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation


Barr Foundation
M. Benjamin and Janet Howe


Boston Schools Fund
Cummings Foundation
Rick and Nonnie Burnes
Paul and Sandra Edgerley
Jacobson Family Foundation
The Louis Calder Foundation
John Hancock Financial Services
Lynch Foundation
Brian and Stephanie Spector
Sam and Eleanor Williamson


Amelia Peabody Foundation
Boston Gives, Inc.
Longfield Family Foundation
Mabel Louise Riley Foundation
Les and Joanne Rosenberg
Mark and Evelina Taber