COVID-19 Family Resources

Excel strongly encourages all eligible community members to get vaccinated against COVID-19.  However, Excel does not require vaccination at this time.  As of this writing, about 95% of Excel staff members and more than 70% of Excel students are vaccinated.  Vaccination remains the most effective tool we have against the transmission of COVID-19.  Further, vaccinated individuals are far less likely to have severe cases of COVID-19.  See below for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

For more information about the vaccine, check out these explainers:

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  • What is in the Pfizer vaccine? ENG, ESP
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  • My child had Covid. Should they get vaccinated? ENG, ESP
  • My child is scared of needles. What can I do? ENG, ESP

When making health decisions for your family, it is important to have the facts. This page provides science-based information about COVID-19 vaccines. 

When can my child get the COVID-19 vaccine? 

It is recommended that everyone ages 5 and older get a COVID-19 vaccine to help protect against COVID-19.

Authorized For




4 years and under




5-11 years old




12-17 years old




18 years and older




Where can I get the COVID-19 vaccine for my child who is eligible? 

This document will maintain an updated list of pop-up clinics that provide COVID-19 vaccines in your community: Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are the COVID-19 vaccines?

  • Vaccinated people are much less likely to test positive for COVID-19, to be hospitalized for COVID-19, and to die from COVID-19 compared to people without the vaccine. 
  • In Massachusetts, less than 1% of people who have been vaccinated have been hospitalized because of COVID-19 and even fewer have died from COVID-19. 

How do the COVID-19 vaccines work? 

  • The virus has proteins on the surface of the virus. 
  • All 3 vaccines tell your body to temporarily make this protein so your body reacts and makes antibodies and other immune responses to the protein. 
  • If you get exposed to the virus, your body will now recognize and attack this protein that is on the surface of the virus.  In this way it destroys the virus. 

I’ve heard kids who get sick with the virus have a mild case of COVID. Do they really need to be vaccinated?

  • Over 6 million children in the U.S. have been infected with COVID-19.  Most infections are mild, and children fully recover.  But some children have gotten sick and even died from COVID-19.
  • Children who have mild or severe disease can develop “long COVID”.  “Long COVID” can cause long-term health problems. 
  • A child who gets sick with COVID-19 can spread it to others and they will miss out on school and other activities!
  • Vaccines are important to make sure children can go to school, activities, play sports, and see friends!

What are common side effects of the vaccine for younger kids?

  • Side effects are normal reactions to a vaccine and means that your child’s immune system is doing what it is supposed to.
  • The most common side effect is redness and swelling at the injection site. 
  • Some children may experience tiredness, headache, muscle and/or joint pain, chills and fever, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, and decreased appetite.

Should my child get the vaccine if they already had COVID-19?

  • Yes!  It is possible to be reinfected after having COVID-19. 
  • Getting vaccinated after having been infected with COVID-19 will give your child a greater level of protection.

What if my child is 11 years old when they get their first dose but turns 12 before the second dose?
Kids ages 5-11 receive a 10 microgram dose rather than the 30 microgram dose given to those ages 12 and older. If your child turns 12 between their first and second dose, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends sticking with the lower, 10 microgram dose for both shots. The lower dosage provides as robust an immune response as the higher dosage did in older kids.

Why are boosters recommended? 

  • Studies show that protection from COVID-19 vaccines wears off because antibody levels decrease over time.  Boosters are needed for the best protection against COVID-19 and variants.

What steps should we take if we are sick?

Your doctor is the best person to speak with if you believe you may have been exposed to or may be sick from COVID-19. There is an extensive healthcare network in place, and your doctor is an important part of it. If you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms including fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, muscle aches, shortness of breath or loss of smell, your doctor may advise that you get tested. You may also contact these trusted healthcare organizations in the community. Testing and treatment for COVID-19 related symptoms are available at EBNHC and MGH Chelsea regardless of immigration status, health insurance, or ability to pay.

  • East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC): Call 617-569-5800.
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Chelsea (MGH Chelsea): Call 617-724-7000.


  • Public Charge & COVID-19

    Source: Lawyers for Civil Rights


    The federal government has stated that seeking testing, treatment or preventative care for coronavirus will not be used against anyone in any public charge analysis. Also, remember that public charge rules do not apply to green card holders, U.S. citizens, refugees, asylum seekers, VAWA recipients, TPS holders, or holders of a U or T visa. Also, even for people for whom public charge rules apply, many benefits, including CHIP, WIC, LiHEAP, SSDI, free school lunch, and disaster relief, are not included in public charge. You can always call LCR’s English-Spanish public charge hotline at 617-988-0609 with any questions.

    El gobierno federal ha declarado que buscar pruebas, tratamiento o atención preventiva para el coronavirus no se utilizará contra nadie en ningún análisis de carga pública. Además, recuerde que las reglas de carga pública no se aplican a los titulares de tarjetas verdes, ciudadanos estadounidenses, refugiados, solicitantes de asilo, beneficiarios de VAWA, titulares de TPS o titulares de una visa U o T. Además, incluso para las personas a quienes se aplican las reglas de carga pública, muchos beneficios, incluidos CHIP, WIC, LiHEAP, SSDI, almuerzo escolar gratuito y ayuda por desastre, no están incluidos en la carga pública. Siempre puede llamar a la línea directa de carga pública inglés-español de LCR al 617-988-0609 si tiene alguna pregunta.

  • Insurance & COVID-19

    Source: Lawyers for Civil Rights


    All health insurance carriers are required to provide medically necessary telehealth, testing, counseling, treatment, and vaccination (once it’s developed and available) services related to COVID-19 to all Massachusetts residents without charging copays and coinsurance or applying a deductible.

    You will not be turned away from the emergency room because of your immigration status. If you are undocumented and need healthcare, you may be eligible for MassHealth Limited, which provides care for medical emergencies, including visits to an emergency room. Public charge does not apply to MassHealth Limited.

    Se requiere que todos los proveedores de seguros de salud brinden servicios de telesalud, pruebas, asesoramiento, tratamiento y vacunación (una vez que estén desarrollados y disponibles) médicamente necesarios y relacionados al COVID-19 a todos/as que viven en Massachusetts sin cobrar copagos ni coseguros ni aplicar un deducible.

    No será rechazado de la sala de emergencias debido a su estado migratorio. Si no tiene documentos y necesita atención médica, puede ser elegible para MassHealth Limited, que brinda atención para emergencias médicas, incluidas visitas a una sala de emergencias. La carga pública no se aplica a MassHealth Limited.

  • BPHC



    Call the Mayor’s Healthline: 617-534-5050 or Toll-Free: 1-800-847-0710


    Llame a la línea de salud del alcalde: 617-534-5050 o al número gratuito: 1-800-847-0710

  • MassHealth


    In response to COVID-19, and to support the health and safety of our members and staff, all MassHealth Enrollment sites will be closed for walk-in visitors until further notice. If MassHealth members or applicants need support or have any questions they should contact the Customer Service Center at (800) 841-2900; TTY: (800) 497-4648.

    COVID-19 Updates:

    • MassHealth covers all medically necessary lab tests when your health care provider orders one. If you think you are sick or have been exposed to COVID-19, contact your health care provider, or call 2-1-1 for guidance.
    • MassHealth now allows early refills and 90-day supplies of medications. Talk to your pharmacist to discuss what options are best for you.

    En respuesta a COVID-19, y para apoyar la salud y seguridad de nuestros miembros y personal, todos los sitios de inscripción de MassHealth estarán cerrados para visitantes sin cita previa hasta nuevo aviso. Si los miembros o solicitantes de MassHealth necesitan apoyo o tienen alguna pregunta, deben comunicarse con el Centro de Servicio al Cliente al (800) 841-2900; TTY: (800) 497-4648.

    Actualizaciones de COVID-19:

    • MassHealth cubre todas las pruebas de laboratorio médicamente necesarias cuando su proveedor de atención médica ordena una. Si cree que está enfermo o que ha estado expuesto a COVID-19, comuníquese con su proveedor de atención médica o llame al 2-1-1 para obtener orientación.
    • MassHealth ahora permite reabastecimientos tempranos y suministros de medicamentos para 90 días. Hable con su farmacéutico para analizar qué opciones son mejores para usted.
  • MA Health Connector Insurance


    The Massachusetts Health Connector has opened a special enrollment period for healthcare coverage through April 25 for those who are uninsured.

    Residents who need health insurance can call 1-877-MA-ENROLL (1-877-623-6765) to gain access to the enrollment period, and go to to complete an application. From the website, people who qualify for Health Connector coverage may be in the ConnectorCare program, which offers subsidized plans with low premiums and co-pays, and no deductibles for all services. Those who do not qualify for ConnectorCare can pick plans from nine carriers, with as many as 50 plans available. Applicants can also seek out assistance from local Navigator organizations or Certified Application Counselors.

    Massachusetts Health Connector ha abierto un período de inscripción especial para la cobertura de atención médica hasta el 25 de abril para aquellos que no tienen seguro.

    Los residentes que necesitan seguro médico pueden llamar al 1-877-MA-ENROLL (1-877-623-6765) para obtener acceso al período de inscripción y visitar para completar una solicitud. Desde el sitio web, las personas que califican para la cobertura de Health Connector pueden estar en el programa ConnectorCare, que ofrece planes subsidiados con bajas primas y copagos, y sin deducibles para todos los servicios. Aquellos que no califican para ConnectorCare pueden elegir planes de nueve operadores, con hasta 50 planes disponibles. Los solicitantes también pueden buscar ayuda de organizaciones locales de Navigator o de Consejeros de Solicitud Certificados.

  • BARCC Services


    The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) is providing remote services for survivors and their loved ones.

    El Centro de Crisis de Violación del Área de Boston (BARCC) está proporcionando servicios remotos para los sobrevivientes y sus seres queridos.

  • Age Strong Commission


    Assistance with housing, transportation, health care, and employment for senior residents of Boston (age 55+).


    Asistencia con vivienda, transporte, atención médica y empleo para residentes mayores de Boston (mayores de 55 años).


  • Mass 211


    Call 2-1-1 to receive non-emergency assistance accessing important services. Assistance is free, confidential, and multilingual.

    Llame al 2-1-1 para recibir asistencia que no sea de emergencia para acceder a servicios importantes. La asistencia es gratuita, confidencial y multilingüe.


  • Food Pantry

    Pop Up Food Pantry hosted by the Chelsea Collaborative at Pan y Cafe, 173 Washington Ave, Chelsea MA, 02150 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Information in English

    Information in Spanish


  • Meal Sites


    Many cities and towns will continue to provide free breakfast and lunch to students in their respective districts. Click on the city to see their meal schedules and locations: Boston, Brockton, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Lawrence, Lowell, Medford, Revere, and Somerville.

    Muchas ciudades continuarán ofreciendo desayuno y almuerzo gratis a los estudiantes en sus respectivos distritos. Haga clic en la ciudad para ver sus horarios y ubicaciones de comidas: Boston, Brockton, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Lawrence, Lowell, Medford, Revere, y Somerville.

  • Project Bread Hotline


    If you or someone you know living in MA needs food assistance, please refer them to Project Bread’s FoodSource Hotline toll-free at 1-800-645-8333. This resource will remain up and running through closures to assist all MA residents needing food assistance. Counselors are available in 160 languages to provide information about resources in your community as well as assist with SNAP applications over the phone. There is a dedicated line to assist our hearing-impaired community at TTY: 1-800-377-1292.

    FoodSource Hotline Hours:

    Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm

    Saturday: 10am – 2pm 

    Si usted o alguien que conoce que vive en MA necesita asistencia alimentaria, remítalos a la línea directa gratuita de FoodSource de Project Bread al 1-800-645-8333. Este recurso permanecerá en funcionamiento a través de cierres para ayudar a todos los residentes de MA que necesiten asistencia alimentaria. Los asesores están disponibles en 160 idiomas para proporcionar información sobre recursos en su comunidad, así como para ayudar con las solicitudes de SNAP por teléfono. Hay una línea dedicada para ayudar a nuestra comunidad con discapacidad auditiva en TTY: 1-800-377-1292.

    FoodSource Hotline Horas de atencion:

    Lunes – Viernes: 8am – 7pm

    Sabado: 10am – 2pm 

  • Stop & Shop


    Stop & Shop is offering senior-only (60+) shopping hours daily from 6-7:30am. This will allow our older community members the ability to shop in a less crowded environment and protect against the current COVID-19 outbreak.

    Stop & Shop ofrece horas de compras solo para personas mayores (60+) diariamente de 6 a 7:30 a.m. Esto permitirá a los miembros de nuestra comunidad de más edad la capacidad de comprar en un entorno menos concurrido y protegerse contra el brote actual de COVID-19.

  • Pandemic EBT

    P-EBT, or Pandemic EBT, is a benefit provided to replace the value of school meals your child would have received if school were open. The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA), in collaboration with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), received approval to operate this program in response to the COVID-19 related school closures. P-EBT provides money to help families pay for food in the form of a pre-loaded EBT card. Your child was receiving free or reduced-price school meals at Excel Academy this year, so your family is eligible for this benefit.

    Here is a link to learn more about P-EBT –

    P-EBT Benefit Access Issues

    If your family is having difficulty PIN-ing their P-EBT cards you should reach out to the DTA and to Project Bread Food Source Hotline. These may be the likely scenarios :

    • Families with P-EBT cards but need the child’s Case Number to PIN the card: They can get the child’s Case # through DTAConnect HERE
    • Families with P-EBT cards and the Case # but having other problems PIN-ing their cards:  Note, there may be other data problems involved. Please reach out Project Bread Food Source Hotline: (800) 645-8333
    • Families who were on their school’s list for P-EBT but they did NOT receive P-EBT cards:  First, some P-EBT cards may still be in the mail. If the card does not arrive by June 15th, OR if the has family moved or the school had the wrong address, contact Project Bread Food Source Hotline.

    For MORE P-EBT information and FAQs, go here:

    How to Activate (PIN) a P-EBT Card

    You will need the letter DTA sent you in the mail to activate the card. If you lost the letter or never received one, please call the DTA Assistance Line at 877-382-2363. Or visit the online tool:​

    The Massachusetts EBT vendor was not able to change the automated prompts you hear when you call to PIN a card, and unfortunately, some of the automated instructions are inaccurate for P-EBT cards. Instead, please follow the steps below:

    • ​Call the EBT card phone number on the back of your P-EBT card: 800-997-2555.​
    • ​Enter your P-EBT card number (it is an 18-digit number).
    • You will then be prompted incorrectly to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number. Do not enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. For the P-EBT cards, you must enter the last four digits of your child’s case number that was provided on the DTA letter you received in the mail.
    • Then enter your child’s date of birth using a two-digit month, two-digit day, and four-digit year (example: 04/06/2005). 

    For more information, visit: Questions? Call Project Bread’s FoodSource Hotline at 800-645-8333


    P-EBT, o Pandemic EBT, es un beneficio proporcionado para reemplazar el valor de las comidas escolares que su hijo hubiera recibido si la escuela estuviera abierta. El Departamento de Asistencia Transitoria (DTA), en colaboración con el Departamento de Educación Primaria y Secundaria (DESE), recibió la aprobación para operar este programa en respuesta a los cierres de escuelas relacionadas con COVID-19. P-EBT proporciona dinero para ayudar a las familias a pagar los alimentos en forma de una tarjeta EBT precargada. Su hijo estaba recibiendo comidas escolares gratuitas o de precio reducido en Excel Academy este año, por lo que su familia es elegible para este beneficio.

    Aquí hay un link para aprender más sobre P-EBT –

    Problemas de acceso a beneficios de P-EBT

    Si su familia está teniendo dificultades para activar su tarjetas P-EBT, deben comunicarse con el DTA y la línea directa de Project Bread Food Source. Estos pueden ser los escenarios probables:

      • Familias con tarjetas P-EBT pero necesitan el número de caso del niño para PIN la tarjeta: pueden obtener el número de caso del niño a través de DTAConnect AQUI.
      • Familias con tarjetas P-EBT y el número de caso pero que tienen otros problemas al activar sus tarjetas: Tenga en cuenta que puede haber otros problemas de datos involucrados. Por favor, comunicarse con la Línea Directa de Project Bread: (800) 645-8333
      • Familias que estaban en la lista de su escuela para P-EBT pero NO recibieron tarjetas P-EBT: Primero, algunas tarjetas P-EBT aún pueden estar en el correo. Si la tarjeta no llega antes del 15 de junio, O si la familia se mudó o la escuela tenía una dirección incorrecta, comuníquese con la línea directa de Project Bread Food Source.

    Para MÁS información sobre P-EBT y preguntas frecuentes, vaya aquí:

    Como Activar (PIN) Su Tarjeta P-EBT

    Necesitará la carta que el DTA le envió por correo para activar la tarjeta. Si perdió la carta o nunca la recibió, llame a la línea de asistencia del DTA al 877-382-2363. o visite la página de ayuda:​

    El proveedor de EBT de Massachusetts no pudo cambiar las indicaciones automáticas que escucha cuando llama al PIN de una tarjeta, y desafortunadamente, algunas de las instrucciones automáticas son inexactas para las tarjetas P-EBT. En su lugar, siga los pasos a continuación:

    • Llame al número localizado en la parte de atrás de la tarjeta P-EBT: 8000-997-2555
    • Ingrese su número de tarjeta P-EBT (Es un numero de 18 dígitos)
    • Luego se le pedirá incorrectamente que ingrese los últimos cuatro dígitos de su número de Seguro Social. No ingrese los últimos 4 dígitos de su número de Seguro Social. Para las tarjetas P-EBT, debe ingresar los últimos cuatro dígitos del número de caso de su hijo que se proporcionó en la carta del DTA que recibió por correo.
    • Después ingrese la fecha de nacimiento de su hijo usando 2 dígitos del mes, 2 dígitos del día, y los 4 dígitos del año (ejemplo: 04/06/2005)

    Para más información visite: Preguntas? Llame la línea de ayuda de Project Bread 800-645-8333


  • MBTA Services


    The MBTA is reducing frequency in service to help facilitate social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19. Most subway and bus routes are operating Saturday schedules. The MBTA continues to ramp up its cleaning and sanitation work in stations and across vehicles. There are no planned service changes to The RIDE. Updates can be found here:

    El MBTA está reduciendo la frecuencia en el servicio para ayudar a facilitar el distanciamiento social y retrasar la propagación de COVID-19. La mayoría de las rutas de metro y autobús operan los horarios de los sábados. La MBTA continúa aumentando su trabajo de limpieza y saneamiento en estaciones y en todos los vehículos. No hay cambios de servicio planificados para The RIDE. Las actualizaciones se pueden encontrar aquí:

  • Driver’s Licenses


    The RMV will implement a 60-day extension to the current expiration date for Class D, Class DMs, ID cards, and Learner’s Permits within the RMV system. All individuals with expired/expiring credentials dated between March 1, 2020 and April 30, 2020, will continue to have an active status until sixty (60) days after the expiration date printed on their credential. Note: this extension does not apply to immigrants whose license expiration date is their end of stay in the United States.

    El RMV implementará una extensión de 60 días a la fecha de vencimiento actual para Clase D, Clase DM, tarjetas de identificación y Permisos de aprendizaje dentro del sistema RMV. Todas las personas con credenciales vencidas / vencidas entre el 1 de marzo de 2020 y el 30 de abril de 2020, continuarán teniendo un estado activo hasta sesenta (60) días después de la fecha de vencimiento impresa en su credencial. Nota: esta extensión no se aplica a los inmigrantes cuya fecha de vencimiento de la licencia es el final de su estadía en los Estados Unidos.


  • One Chelsea Fund

    The One Chelsea Fund will provide financial relief to Chelsea individuals and families to meet their basic needs. The City and community leaders from The Chelsea Collaborative, GreenRoots, and The Neighborhood Developers will quickly and equitably distribute financial resources to our neighbors in crisis in the form of $250 checks.
    To request assistance from the One Chelsea Fund, Chelsea residents can submit an online request form or contact one of the following organizations directly. All three organizations will be sharing a master list and ensuring that checks are limited to one per family. To sign up, please fill out this form
    As soon as Chelsea One Funds become available, checks in the amount of $250 will be mailed to recipients. Checks may be deposited into a bank account or cashed at Chelsea Bank with no fees charged using any valid form of identification. 

    One Chelsea Fund proporcionará ayuda financiera a individuos y familias de Chelsea para satisfacer sus necesidades básicas. Los líderes municipales y comunitarios de The Chelsea Collaborative, GreenRoots y The Neighborhood Developers distribuirán rápida y equitativamente los recursos financieros a nuestros vecinos en crisis en forma de cheques de $250.
    Para solicitar asistencia del One Chelsea Fund, los residentes de Chelsea pueden enviar un formulario de solicitud en línea o comunicarse directamente con una de las siguientes organizaciones. Las tres organizaciones compartirán una lista maestra y se asegurarán de que los cheques estén limitados a uno por familia. Para inscribirse, llene este formulario.
    Tan pronto como Chelsea One Funds esté disponible, los cheques por un monto de $250 se enviarán por correo a los destinatarios. Los cheques pueden depositarse en una cuenta bancaria o cobrarse en el Chelsea Bank sin que se cobren cargos utilizando ninguna forma de identificación válida.

  • Eviction Prevention for Renters and Landlords

    Please reference this link for more information:



  • Boston Rental Relief Fund

    The newest City of Boston Rent Relief round (III) is now open online. If you need to refer a Boston resident for rental relief assistance, and they have not already received helped from either RAFT or from Round I or Round II of the City’s program, please have them complete the online application below:

    To date, since May 2020, NOAH has partnered with the City to assist over 460 households with over $1.6 million in Boston Rent Relief funds, paid directly to the landlord. NOAH continues to work to prevent evictions and make placements.

  • Evictions


    The Boston Housing Authority announced it will not pursue “non-essential eviction actions” for as long as the state of emergency lasts in MA. Non-essential cases are defined as “non-payment and cause cases that do not involve or include allegations of criminal activity or lease violations that impact the health or safety of BHA residents and employees and/or the general public.”

    La Autoridad de Vivienda de Boston anunció que no llevará a cabo “acciones de desalojo no esenciales” mientras dure el estado de emergencia en MA. Los casos no esenciales se definen como “casos de impago y causa que no involucran o incluyen acusaciones de actividad criminal o violaciones de arrendamiento que afectan la salud o seguridad de los residentes y empleados de BHA y / o el público en general”.

  • Utility Shutoffs


    There is a moratorium on utility shutoffs through the Department of Utilities until the state of emergency in Massachusetts is lifted.

    Hay una moratoria sobre el cierre de servicios públicos a través del Departamento de Servicios Públicos hasta que se levante el estado de emergencia en Massachusetts.

  • Mayor’s Office of Housing Stability


    The Mayor’s Office of Housing Stability is closed to walk-in appointments, but the call center is open and staff are responding to emails (617-635-4200, HOUSINGSTABILITY@BOSTON.GOV). Contact the Office of Housing Stability if you are at risk of losing your home.

    La Oficina de Estabilidad de la Vivienda del Alcalde está cerrada para citas sin cita previa, pero el centro de atención telefónica está abierto y el personal responde los correos electrónicos (617-635-4200, HOUSINGSTABILITY@BOSTON.GOV). Comuníquese con la Oficina de Estabilidad de la Vivienda si corre el riesgo de perder su hogar.

  • ABCD


    All ABCD neighborhood centers, including the East Boston APAC, are closed to walk-ins and in-person meetings. Staff are still available by phone or email to provide emergency and other limited services. Contact information for ABCD programs can be found here:

    Todos los centros vecinales de ABCD, incluido el APAC de East Boston, están cerrados para visitas sin cita previa y reuniones en persona. El personal aún está disponible por teléfono o correo electrónico para proporcionar servicios de emergencia y otros servicios limitados. La información de contacto para los programas ABCD se puede encontrar aquí:

  • Shelter Services


    Shelter services for families.


    Servicios de refugio para familias.


MA Workers Emergency Funds

  • Cash Assistance


    Union Capital Boston is providing gift cards to Greater Boston area residents in need of financial support due to COVID-19 school closings or lost wages. Apply here.

    Union Capital Boston está proporcionando tarjetas de regalo a los residentes del área del Gran Boston que necesitan apoyo financiero debido al cierre de escuelas de COVID-19 o la pérdida de salarios. Aplique aqui.

  • Unemployment


    You may be eligible for unemployment benefits if you are out of work because you are quarantined or if you left work due to risk of exposure or to care for a family member. You don’t have to provide medical documentation, but you must: (1) remain in contact with your employer, and; (2) be available for work your employer may have that you’re able to do. Undocumented residents are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

    The fastest way to file a claim is to apply for unemployment benefits online:

    People with special needs, disabilities, or language difficulties can use this form to contact DUA.

    Puede ser elegible para beneficios de desempleo si no tiene trabajo porque está en cuarentena o si dejó el trabajo debido al riesgo de exposición o para cuidar a un miembro de la familia. No tiene que proporcionar documentación médica, pero debe: (1) permanecer en contacto con su empleador y; (2) estar disponible para el trabajo que su empleador ofrezca si usted pueda hacerlo. Los residentes indocumentados no son elegibles para beneficios de desempleo.

    La forma más rápida de presentar un reclamo es solicitar beneficios de desempleo en línea: 

    Las personas con necesidades especiales, discapacidades o dificultades de lenguaje pueden usar este formulario para comunicarse con DUA.

  • Restaurant Workers


    The Greg Hill Foundation has partnered with Samuel Adams to support those from the MA restaurant industry who have been impacted by COVID-19 closures. The Foundation will be providing $1,000 grants to full-time restaurant workers in MA who are dependent on wages plus tips to cover basic living expenses and provide for their families.

    La Fundación Greg Hill se ha asociado con Samuel Adams para apoyar a aquellos de la industria de restaurantes de MA que se han visto afectados por los cierres de COVID-19. La Fundación otorgará subvenciones de $ 1,000 a trabajadores de restaurantes de tiempo completo en MA que dependen de salarios más propinas para cubrir los gastos básicos de vida y mantener a sus familias.

  • Bartenders


    For bartenders and family who are experiencing issues related to bar & restaurant shutdowns as a result of COVID-19, the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program may be able to provide support:

    Para los camareros y familiares que están experimentando problemas relacionados con los cierres de bares y restaurantes como resultado de COVID-19, el Programa de Asistencia de Emergencia de Bartender puede brindarles apoyo:

  • Artists


    The Boston Artist Relief Fund will award grants of $500 and $1000 to individual artists who live in Boston whose creative practices and incomes are being adversely impacted by Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

    El Boston Artist Relief Fund otorgará subvenciones de $ 500 y $ 1000 a artistas individuales que viven en Boston cuyas prácticas creativas e ingresos están siendo afectados negativamente por Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).


Resources for Undocumented Families

  • COVID19 Mutual Aid Networks


    Listing of Mutual Aid Networks by city across Massachusetts, as well as

    regional Mutual Aid efforts. Available in English and Spanish.

    Listado de redes de ayuda mutua por ciudad en Massachusetts, así como Esfuerzos regionales de ayuda mutua. Disponible en inglés y español.

  • MA Jobs with Justice: Massachusetts Workers Resource List


    List compiled by Massachusetts Jobs with Justice for workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Lista compilada por Massachusetts Jobs with Justice para trabajadores afectados por la pandemia COVID-19.

  • MassUndocuFund



    The Massachusetts UndocuFund for Covid-19 Relief was founded in March 2020, as a direct response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. It was launched by a coalition of immigrant service providers and advocates to provide direct assistance to undocumented victims of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Massachusetts. The Fund seeks to support undocumented children,

    families, and communities affected by the pandemic to recover and rebuild.

    Massachusetts UndocuFund for Covid-19 Relief fue fundado en marzo 2020, como respuesta directa a la pandemia de Covid-19. Fue lanzado por una coalición de proveedores de servicios para inmigrantes y aboga por brindar asistencia directa a las víctimas indocumentadas de la pandemia Covid-19 en Massachusetts. El Fondo busca apoyar a los niños indocumentados, familias y comunidades afectadas por la pandemia para recuperarse y reconstruirse.

  • Merrimack Valley Area Resource List by Maria Aybar



    Resource guide for undocumented immigrants living in MA, particularly for those living in the Merrimack Valley area

    Guía de recursos para inmigrantes indocumentados que viven en MA, particularmente para aquellos que viven en el área de Merrimack Valley

  • Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee



    While our office doors are closed we are working remotely to connect people to food delivery, to help them sign up for any resources that they are eligible for. Many of our staff have been undocumented or come from mixed status families so we will always tell the truth about whether

    any resources can cause any future challenges for immigration.

    Mientras las puertas de nuestra oficina están cerradas, estamos trabajando de forma remota para conectarnos personas a la entrega de alimentos, para ayudarlos a inscribirse en cualquier recurso que ellos son elegibles para Muchos de nuestros empleados han sido indocumentados o han venido de familias de estatus mixto, por lo que siempre diremos la verdad sobre si cualquier recurso puede causar desafíos futuros para la inmigración.

  • Cambridge Community Foundation (Financial Support)



    For anyone who lives or works in Cambridge, MA they can apply for

    disaster relief of $200-1,000

    If people need help filling out the documents or need Spanish

    translation I can help. We can also connect Cambridge, MA applicants to helpers who speak Haitian Creole, French, Amharic, Portuguese &

    Yoruba who can help translate and fill out the emergency aid form.

    Do not have to be documented to apply

    Para cualquier persona que viva o trabaje en Cambridge, MA, pueden solicitar

    ayuda por desastre de $ 200-1,000

    Si la gente necesita ayuda para completar los documentos o necesita español

    Traducción puedo ayudar. También podemos conectar a los solicitantes de Cambridge, MA

    a ayudantes que hablen criollo haitiano, francés, amárico, portugués y

    Yoruba que puede ayudar a traducir y completar el formulario de ayuda de emergencia.

    No tiene que estar documentado para aplicar