Summer and School Year Opportunities, Programs, and Jobs

We believe that students should be engaged in meaningful summer opportunities, so they can pursue their passions and build their resumes for college and career. Additionally, Excel Academy High School students must earn 8 summer opportunities/extra-curricular credits to graduate.




Interested in vocational programs, 2-year colleges, jobs or the military? Check out some opportunities here


Students under 18 must get a work permit for each new job. Follow these steps to get your permit 

  1. Apply for and be hired for a job

  2. Bring work permit form to job to be signed (forms are available in the High School main office,  at City Hall in your city, or can be downloaded here *It is recommended that you fill out the form on the  computer

  3. Students who are 14 or 15 must get their doctor to sign the form*You can ask your doctor to fill out the form on the computer 

  4. Students either bring completed form to the main office at the high school or e-mail completed form to

Review this website for more information 

Common Terms When You Are Applying for Jobs and Programs

  • Hourly Pay: You will be paid minimum wage which is currently $12.75 for each hour you work. The job will take taxes out of this amount so your paycheck will be smaller than you think.

  • Stipend: A set amount of money a job or program will give you at the end which is not the same as minimum wage. Usually, they give you one check at the end which they may take taxes out of depending on how much the stipend is. 

  • Direct Deposit: Some jobs will send money directly to a bank account rather than giving you a paper check so you may need to open a bank account to get paid 

  • Resume: A document listing all your work, volunteer, school, club, sports, and other experiences that you use to apply for a job

  • Cover Letter: Some jobs will ask you for a letter to describe why you want to work for them. You can look at this website for some ideas about how to start your cover letter. 

  • Taxes: Some programs will ask you to submit your taxes to apply for financial aid/scholarships. Usually, they want just the first two pages called the 1040 of your familie’s taxes and sometimes they want the W2’s which are the documents that say how much your family made the past year 

  • Reference: Many jobs will ask for the name, phone number, and email address for an adult NOT related to you that they can call to learn more about you as a person. You can use your advisor, coach, someone from church, Ms. LT or any teacher, but make sure you ask the person before you list them as a reference.

  • Recommendation Letter: A recommendation letter is a letter that someone writes for you and sends to the program explaining why you would be a good fit. Excel has a rule that these letters cannot be shared directly with students- they must be sent to the program and students are not allowed to see what is written. Sometimes the program wants the adult to fill out a form they will e-mail to the adult and sometimes they want a letter sent- it is your job to tell the person writing this letter how and when to submit the letter.

Ms. LT can help you with any of these steps!

Click here for more tips on interviewing for programs and jobs 

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