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Annual Report

Family Letter 3.8


iDecide Opt-Out Letter Spanish

iDecide Opt-Out Letter English

10th HealthScreening

Vaccination Clinic-Spn

Vaccination Clinic-Eng


I’llNever do that

School Pass set up

Important Dates


Welcome Letter for Class of 2027 (Eng)

Welcome Letter for class 2027 (Spanish)







EOY Events_2023

Period 2 Spanish Student_Parent Letter April 2023 (1)

Parent Newsletter Substances iDECIDE Spanish

Parent Newsletter Substances iDECIDE English

North Suffolk CBHC flyer english

CBHC flyer finalSpanish

North Suffolk Behavioral Health Update

Gilman Student Parent Letter Jan 2023(SPN)

Gilman Student Parent Letter 2023(ENG)

Gilman Student Letter

Mid Year Teaching change letter

Military Family OPT OUT FORM

Grief and Loss Resources(ENG)

Español Grief and Loss Resources



Family Communication 9.20

Family Letter-English 9.13

Family Letter-Spnish

Family Letter Attendance

Family Letter AttendanceFamily letter-Spanish

Family Orientation Communication 2022

WK3 Summer School Comunication Letter

WK2 Summer School Communication Letter

WK1 Summer School Communication Letter

Family Letter

Prom parent letter (Spanish)

Prom Parent Letter (English)

EndOfYear Activities


10thGrade Camping Flyer

Family letter

5.13 FamilyCovid Comunnication

Graduation update ENG

Graduation update ESP

12th grade field trip English

12th grade field trip Spanish

4.27 XLHS Family COVID Communication

essential Survey

3.18 XLHS Family Covid Communication letter

Familly Covid Update letter 3.11

Family Letter 3.10


3.4 XLHS Family COVID Communication

2.17 XLHS FamilyCommunication Letter

2.15 XLHS COVID Communication letter

2.11 XLHS Family COVID communication update

Q2 Family Conference flyer

XLHS Family Covid Communication Letter 2.3

2.1 XLHS Family COVID Communication

Family COVID Communication 1.28

1.25 XLHS Family Communication

1.21 XLHS Family COVID Communication

Parent Letter 1.18.22

1.14 XLHS Family COVID Communication

iDECIDED Opt Out Spanish

iDECIDE Opt Out English

1.10 XLHS Family COVID Communication

Parent Communication Covid-Testing Update

parent communication letter

Covid cases

Covid Cases Spanish

Parent Newsletter Spanish

Parent Newsletter re_ Safety 11.2021

11.15 Family Communication (1)

Hello 9th

Family Orientation ENG

Orietnacion de familia ESP

New to Excel Orientation

Nuevo a Excel

Family Communication – July 10_XLHS-combined

Family communication ESP-combined

Excel Family Communication – Week of 8.9.2021 (ARABIC) AUG2021-069 MAPA.docx

Excel Family Communication – Week of 8.9.2021 (SPA) AUG2021-071 MAPA.docx (1)

Excel Family Communication – Week of 8.9.2021 (POR BR) AUG2021-070 MAPA.docx

Excel Family Communication (English) – Week of 8.9.2021

Summer School Family Letter ESP

Summer School Family Letter

Email to Parents_ Uniform 21-22

SY21-22 Uniform Guidelines ENG

SY21-22 Guia de Uniformes

no internet letter (1)

no internet letter SPN

Escuela Secundaria Excel Academy Charter calendario de mayo y junio

May_June 2021 Schedule_ Students + Families [Communication #2]

Family Letter re_ Senior Events 2021 (1)

Family Letter re_ Senior Events 2021 (SPN)

9th grade May_June Schedule

10th grade May_June schedule

11th grade May_June Schedule

12th grade May_June schedule

Save the date ENG

Violet and Gold Elegant Gala Invitation

Student _ Family Communcation Regarding May 19TH Covid Testing SPN

Student _ Family Communcation Regarding May 19TH Covid Testing

Intro to PSS_ Senior Families (English)

Intro to PSS_ Senior Families (Spanish)

MCAS letter to 11th Grade Families spring 2021v2 (SPN)

MCAS letter to 11th Grade Families spring 2021v2

Q3 confernece flyer ENG

Q3 confernece flyer SNG

Family Letter Re_ School Climate Survey 2021

Family Letter Re_ School Climate Survey 2021 SPN

ELL 4.26

ELL 4.27

ELL 4.28

Family Letter re_ SAT 2021 (1) SPN

Family Letter re_ SAT 2021 ENG

Q4 Materials distribution reference sheet

Hoja de referencia de distribución de materiales del Trismestre 4

XLHS Family Communication 3_XX_21 SPN

XLHS Family Communication 3_XX_21

Spring 2021 SAT letter to familiesv2SPN

Letter to 11th grade families

Sibling priority

Conference Flyer SPN

Conference Flyer ENG

ENG senior letter

SPN senior letter


Q3 Spn

Cancellation notice

Canellation notice SPN

Food Distribution ENG

Food Distribution SPN

9th grade mask pickup

9th grade mask pick up SPN

Food Flyer ENG

Food Flyer SPN

Message from Nurse ENG

Message from Nurse SPN

Food Flyer 11.30

Food Flyer 11.30 SPN

Food distribution ENG

Food distribution SPN

Family Letter MCAS SPN

Family Letter MCAS ENG

Q1 Conference Flyer ENG-EA-1595

Q1 Conference Flyer SPN

ENG Q1 Conference flyer

Q1 Conference Flyer SPN-EA-1595

Family Letter re_ Election 2020_ SPANISH

XLHS Family Letter on Election Day 2020

Family Letter Pt.2 RE_ Zoom Incidents – Google Docs

Family Letter Pt.2 RE_ Zoom Incidents Spanish – Google Docs

Nurse message

Family Letter

Family Letter Spn

Last minute FAQ_ Starting school at XLHS 2020 (1)

Preguntas de ultimo minuto SPN

12th grade family orientation ENG

12th grade family orientation SPN

11th grade family orientation ENG

11th grade family orientation SPN

10th grade family orientation ENG

10th grade family orientation SPN

9th grade family orientation ENG

9th grade family orientation SPN

Q&A Spanish


2020 Family Orientation Presentation (ENG)

2020 Family Orientation Presentation (SPAN)

Dreamers Letter Eng

Dreamer Letter Spn

FAQ Spanish 2

Reopening FAQs Eng 2

Reopening FAQs (Family-Facing) SPN

Reopening FAQs (Family-Facing) Eng

Town Hall Flyer

Letter to Families_Final

Planes de apertura

Graduation Reminder Text (1) (1)

6.12.20 – Family Communication around Failing

Summer school letter

Lectura del verano_ 2020 (1)

Family letter Eng

Carta de familia Spn

Senior Families

4.30.20 – High School Family Communication English Version

4.30.20 – High School Family Communication Spanish Version

AP carta de familias

AP Letter for families

City of Chelsea Spanish

City of Chelsea English

Parent letter Span

Parent letter Eng

Support During Closure Letter_3.14_English

Support During Closure Letter_3.14_Spanish

Closure Letter to Families 3.13.20_English

Closure Letter to Families 3.13.20_Spanish


COVID-19 Family letter_3_12_20

HS Letter

Letter2019-20 Excel Academy High School Calendar – All Versions – Final_7.29.19.xlsx

Here is our annual report

Excel Annual Report 

Spanish_Parent Newsletter 3.20 re_ safety

Parent Newsletter 3.20 re_ safety ENG

Q3 Conference Flyer_Final

Important Dates for Seniors Flyer

Parent Newsletter 4.30.2019

Letter re Security 5.7.19_Translation

Family letter 9_27_19

10.17.19 parent letter_vandalism incident

2019-20 Excel Academy High School Calendar

Q1 Conference Flyer

Parent Newsletter re Marijuana Products FINAL (1)

1.30 Parent Newsletter re_ Marijuana Products_Edibles – Google Docs

Q2 Conference Flyer

Picture day

Coronavirus COVID-19 family letter English

Coronavirus COVID-19 Family Letter_3_4_20_Spanish