Student Expectations

Excel’s rigorous curriculum is supported by its structured school culture. We hold members of the school community—students, families and staff—to the highest expectations, both academically as well as behaviorally. To provide the very best education for Excel Academy students, we have created a respectful school environment and an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence.

The school’s rigorous academic program is supported by school-wide behavioral expectations to which all community members are held accountable.

We have slightly different values at our middle schools and at our high school.

At the middle school level, these expectations, known by the term “P.R.E.P.”, are built around four key components. Specifically, Excel Academy students are expected to be:

Prepared: Come to school and class prepared to succeed.
Respectful: Show respect to yourself, your classmates, the teachers, the staff, and your school.
Engaged: Listen, participate, volunteer, look at the speaker, and ask insightful questions.
Professional: Stay organized, demonstrate good posture, and follow all directions and procedures.

At the high school level, the core values are “P.R.I.D.E.”:


Our behavior management systems are grounded in the belief, or realization, that all students are capable of making choices at all ages. Students can choose to follow the rules or they can choose to break them. Under our behavior management system, there are positive motivators for when a student chooses to follow a rule or procedure and negative consequences for when a student chooses to not adhere to our expectations. Students quickly learn that when they do good things, good things happen, and when they do bad things based on our community’s norms, bad things happen. For every positive contribution results a positive motivator and conversely every negative infraction results in a negative consequence. This is the basis of our student Code of Conduct, and one of key contributors to our dynamic school culture and our safe school environment.