Giving to Excel

We raise money because we believe every child deserves access to a high-quality public school in their neighborhood that prepares them for college. Excel’s schools have re-defined what it means to be an urban public school for low-income students. Your support maintains our excellence and helps us to dream about the future of maintaining a model that is among the best public schools in the United States.

Why Give to Excel?

Excel Academy is a publicly funded network of Commonwealth Charter Schools. Like all public schools, a significant majority of our budget is provided by the State through its per-pupil tuition reimbursement policy. However, there are three areas where philanthropy makes a huge difference at Excel and where donors’ gifts have a huge impact where there is a funding gap.

  • In recent years, Excel has added new schools to its portfolio: two new 5-8 middle schools and one high school. When we launch schools, we add one grade to the school per year. Because of this, we operate with an annual operating deficit until our schools are fully enrolled with all seats filled. Once we are at full enrollment across all four schools in 2019, our network will be sustainable on public funding, like all public schools in Massachusetts. 

Your gift will support our growth into a larger network of schools serving more students who deserve an Excel Academy education.

  • Public charter schools do not have access to public buildings to operate their schools. When we purchase or build a new building to house a school, we have to privately fund the down payment and the long-term financing of the building. Excel owns three buildings, including our new middle school building which is currently under construction. Private fundraising was needed to meet Excel’s up-front commitment to make this building project a reality.

Your gift will support our investment in educational facilities that are learning laboratories for our students.

  • Excel Academy has many differentiators to talk about. One of those is our College Access and Post-Secondary Success team. This eight-person team provides services that no other school network of our size invests in. From the time our students leave middle school in 8th grade, they are followed, counseled, and supported by our team of professionals who do everything that is necessary to ensure those students graduate from high school and from college. It’s a game-changer of a program, and it’s a mission-critical investment for Excel that is important to us meeting our goals of closing the opportunity gap for low-income students.

Your gift helps get kids not only to college, but through college.

"I am forever thankful for what Excel has done for me because normally kids where I’m from do not attend schools like Concord Academy or Union College. Many of my friends from middle school have taken different paths in life than me."

Andrés Gallego, Excel Academy Class of 2010, Concord Academy Class of 2014, Union College Class of 2018