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  • Support a 2020 Graduate

    Sponsor a Senior: We would like all of our seniors to feel like they are seen and remembered since they won’t be able to see the people that they affected and cared for them. In pursuit of this goal, we are asking for members of the greater Excel community to Sponsor a Senior. Sponsoring a senior will mean providing  2 key pieces of graduation for individual seniors. You can sign up for a senior here, and we ask that you provide the following for the senior(s) you choose. 70% of seniors have been sponsored. Thank you for that great show of support and generosity. We have a few more senior still to sponsor, so it’s not too late!

    Deadline for Signing up for a grad: June 12
    Deadline for sending in materials: July 1
    How to turn them in:

    • Mail items to 401 Bremen street, East Boston 02128 OR
    • Deliver them to the high school: There will be a clear box next to the side entrance of the school (not the construction side, but the side nearest the gym) where you can leave items. The box will be cleared daily (and is in full view of my office!).

    Love Lock:
    A padlock and key decorated for your student. This will be hanging on the back gate of the high school and will stand as memoriam of the class of 2020, the class that graduated in an epidemic and an historical time in US history.

    A Luminary:
    Just a white paper bag, printed with the students’ name and perhaps a message. This will make a lighted, luminary path in the gym for families as they enter the graduation venue, and serves our graduation theme of these students standing as beacons of light in a chaotic world. We’ll send along directions for this easy task.

    Thank you so much for your consideration in supporting our seniors in this important moment. We wish we could all be together for this, and that circumstances could be different, but we hope we can make this moment meaningful, as has been your relationship with our graduates in the past.

    Additional Information:

    What do I need to purchase? Decorate?
    One lock, noted above. One white paper bag, also noted above.  Check out the links below to what these could look like, but the more interesting the lock, the cooler our fence will look.
    Lock: Put the name of the senior clearly on the lock. Initials are ok. Any message or symbols you can fit!
    Locks from Etsy; Simple, classy lock

    Luminary: Put your name somewhere, and the grads’ name clearly marked. Feel free to decorate with a photo, quote, cut-out or symbol. We provide the tea lights that do inside the luminary.

    White paper bag (No handles on the bag pls)
    Can I Sponsor a student that is already being sponsored by another staff member?
    We want every senior to be covered. So if you see a senior that has already been sponsored, and you don’t mind also taking on a grad without a sponsor, feel free to double up. So yes! It’s ok if students get multiple bags or locks. We just want everyone to have one! (due to the layout, and the nature of the day, it will be difficult for seniors to count and compare locks or bags).
    Do I have to know the Senior personally?
    No! Thanks for volunteering, and thanks for sharing this opportunity with others who also may want to sponsor someone.
    Can I sponsor more than one student?
    Yes! Thank you for your generosity.
    Can I give a gift to the graduate I’m sponsoring outside of the lock and luminary?
    Feel free to leave IN the luminary bag a card or very small gift that is not monetary (a memento, a coin, etc is ok). We don’t want students feeling left out or comparing gifts from sponsors. But your personal touches mean so much, so please feel free to leave a little extra love in the form of a letter, or memento. Also, if you want to leave a note for multiple students, and are not their sponsor, drop those off at the high school and we will use the luminaries as small mailboxes where the student can collect your note for them.
    I’m not crafty – how hard is the luminary to make?
    Not hard at all! Here  is a small how-to. You can print on the bag with a printer, or just with a dark marker. You  can include a quote, art, or anything else you’d like. We ask that you make clear 1) who the grad is and 2) leave your name somewhere.

    Details for making the video:

    These videos would be playing a bit like installation art, across their journey of the gym, and fits into our graduation theme of lights in the darkness (in this case, you would be one of those lights!)

    This video would have a few elements:

    • We’re asking that it is 30 seconds to 2 min. Not a 5 second goodbye. Not a low key graduation speech. But 30 seconds to 2 min to:
    • Please tell a story. Say a few names. Recall a memory. Sing a so  ng. Read a poem.  Remind everyone about a moment in the DC trip we all experienced, or the time your advisory got jumped at the hunger games gingerbread making activity, or a discussion in class that was poignant.
    • For something that resembles uniformity, please wear white, yellow, or gold (prints are fine!) for this video. Channel Princess Leia. Please be sure you have good lighting, and please have your background be white wall OR  greenery like lawn bushes, or trees as your background. Does this make us sound like we’re in a cult? Maybe. But it will help the videos to have a uniform, hologram-ish look, instead of this moment of graduation looking like a string of videos from America’s Funniest Home Videos.

    Due Date: July 15th.

  • 2019-2020 Public Release for the Community Eligibility Program

    2019-2020 Public Release for the Community Eligibility Program


  • Open House

    Come join us for our open house:

    Excel Academy East Boston
    58 Moore Street
    East Boston, MA 02128

  • Excel Academy Featured in Education Next

    Dear Excel Team,
    We are delighted to share this great piece in Education Next about Excel’s approach to maintaining high expectations and an inclusive approach to teaching special-education students. Huge shout out to Rachel Spencer, Sarah Kantrowitz, Samantha Butera, Lucero Castillo, and Samantha Doig for their specific contributions in this wonderful profile of the work being done at Excel, and shout out to all of our Learning Specialists, ELL Specialists, and paraprofessionals for the work represented in this piece.

    Inclusion in Action: Expectations for all at Excel Academy

  • January 22, 2020: IT Needs Assessment RFP

    Excel Academy Charter Schools is seeking a vendor to provide a needs assessment for IT needs, particularly focused on file storage. Proposals are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday February 11, 2020. Interested parties should contact the Director of Special Finance and Operations Projects Aaron Stelson at  for a copy of our Request for Proposal.

  • January 22, 2020: Security Camera RFP

    Excel Academy Charter Schools is seeking a vendor to provide and install a security camera system for our new facility located at 375 Bremen Street, East Boston. Proposals are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday February 7, 2020. Interested parties should contact the Managing Director of Network Operations Jocelyn Foulke at for a copy of our Request for Proposal.

  • 2020 Lottery

    Event: 2020 Lottery
    Date: March 10, 2020
    Time: 8:30-9:20 am
    Excel Academy Charter High School, Rm. 117
    401 Bremen St.
    East Boston, MA 02128

  • September 29, 2020: National Free Lunch Program Public Release

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