Enrollment FAQs

  • Am I required to provide proof of residency?

    You must provide proof of residency at the time your child is offered a seat. You do not need to provide proof of residency prior to the lottery. Admission is dependent upon a family’s ability to produce proof of residency. 

    • A Utility Bill dated within the past 60 days
    • A Deed, Mortgage Payment dated within the past 60 days, or Property Tax Bill dated within the last year
    • A current Lease, Section 8 Agreement, or Landlord Affidavit
    • A W2 form dated within the year or a Payroll Stub dated within the past 60 days
    • A Bank or Credit Card Statement dated within the past 60 days
    • A Letter from an Approved Government Agency* dated within the past 60 days
  • How will I know if my child has been accepted?

    Please feel free to check the status of your child’s application anytime by visiting https://bostoncharterschools.schoolmint.net/signin. If your child is accepted then you will see that their status changed from “waitlist” to “offered” in their SchoolMint profile. We will also make sure to follow up with phone call, text message and email when we are able to offer your child a seat. If you are having technical issues please free to also give us a call at (617) 874-1104, Monday-Friday during normal business hours.

  • What if my phone number or address changes between the time I submitted my application and February 15th?

    In order to ensure families receive all communications from Excel Academy, it is the families’ responsibility to contact Excel Academy about any changes in contact information. Any changes to contact information should be sent to enrollment@excelacademy.org.

  • If one of my children is accepted, and I have another child on the waitlist, will they be given sibling preference?

    Yes, but this does NOT mean that the sibling will automatically be admitted. Once a student has accepted their offer at one of our schools, that student’s siblings on the waitlist move to the top of the waitlist for their grade, behind any other siblings currently waiting for admission with a lower lottery number.

    Sibling preference applies across all Excel Academy Charter School campuses. Additional students who did not apply during the lottery will not be added to the waitlist after their sibling is admitted to Excel Academy.

  • What do I do if my child has been accepted?

    If your student is offered a seat through the lottery or off the waitlist, you must respond to the offer in writing and submit a valid proof of residency within 10 business days of the initial offer. Offers can be accepted in writing through SchoolMint or by emailing enrollment@excelacademy.org.

  • Are students provided with transportation to and from school?

     Middle School Campuses (Chelsea, East Boston, Orient Heights)

    Chelsea Residents:

    Excel Academy provides private bussing to students residing in Chelsea that attend Excel Academy East Boston and Excel Academy Orient Heights. There is no bussing for Chelsea residents attending Excel Academy Chelsea. Residents in Chelsea attending Excel High School may be eligible for private bussing.

     Boston Residents:

    Boston Public Schools provides busing to students in grade 5 residing in Boston who live more than 1 mile from the school and attend an Excel campus in East Boston. Students in grades 6-8 residing in Boston who live more than 1.5 miles from the school and attend an Excel campus in East Boston are provided with an MBTA pass.

    High School

    T Pass Information and Policy

    All Excel Academy Charter High School students are provided T passes in accordance to their place of residence.  

    Types of Passes

    Type of Pass


    BPS M7

    A monthly pass that BPS (Boston Public Schools) provides for free to transportation-eligible students. These are assigned to students who live in the city of Boston only.

    Excel M7

    A monthly pass that Excel provides for free transportation to students who live in the city of Chelsea only.  


    This is a stored-value “pay-as-you-go” pass. These passes are good for MBTA travel and give students a discounted price. This can be done at any CharlieCard machine. These are assigned to students who do not live in the cities of Boston or Chelsea, for example towns such as Revere, Lynn, Winthrop, Saugus etc. Students are responsible for adding their own funds to these cards.

    Replacement Pass

    The student is responsible to keep their pass secure and undamaged. If any of the following situations occurs, the student will have to take the noted action steps:


    Action Steps

    Lost/Damaged Pass

    1.     Fill out the “T-Pass Request Form” in the main office

    2.     Turn in form and pay a $5 fee for the new pass. New pass will not be given until fee is paid.

    Non-working Pass

    1.     Fill out the “T-Pass Request Form” in the main office

    2.     Turn in form and attach non-working pass. Non-working pass MUST be turned in with form, otherwise we will assume it was lost, and the $5 will apply.

    New Address

    1.     Fill out the “T-Pass Request Form” in the main office

    2.     Turn in form and attach a copy of a proof of residence such as a utility bill or cellphone bill. It must be dated within the past 30 days. New pass will not be ordered until proof of residence is turned in.

    Wait Time for New Pass

    The passes are requested from the MBTA or Boston Public Schools. It can take up to a month for the passes to be delivered. During this wait time, the student is responsible to get to and from school on their own. Temporary passes are not available.

    Información y Póliza para pases del MBTA

    Todos los estudiantes de Excel Academy Charter High School reciben un pase del MBTA de acuerdo con su lugar de residencia.

    Tipos de Pases

    Tipo de Pase


    BPS M7

    Un pase mensual que las Escuelas Públicas de Boston (BPS) brindan gratuitamente a los estudiantes elegibles para el transporte. Estos se asignan a los estudiantes que viven en la ciudad de Boston solamente.

    Excel M7

    Un pase mensual que Excel ofrece para el transporte gratuito a los estudiantes que viven en la ciudad de Chelsea solamente.


    Este es un pase de “pago por uso” de valor almacenado. Estos pases son buenos para viajar en MBTA y dan a los estudiantes un precio con descuento. Esto se puede hacer en cualquier máquina CharlieCard. Estos se asignan a estudiantes que no viven en las ciudades de Boston o Chelsea, por ejemplo, ciudades como Revere, Lynn, Winthrop, Saugus, etc. Los estudiantes son responsables de agregar sus propios fondos a estas tarjetas

    Pase de Reemplazo

    El estudiante es responsable de mantener su pase seguro y sin danos. Si ocurre alguna de las siguientes situaciones, el estudiante debería seguir los pasos de acción señalados:


    Pasos de Acción

    Pase Perdido/Dañado

    1.     Llene el “Formulario de solicitud de T-Pass” en la oficina principal

    2.     Entregue el formulario y pague una tarifa de $ 5 por el nuevo pase. No se dará un nuevo pase hasta que se pague la tarifa.

    Pase que No Funciona

    1.     Llene el “Formulario de solicitud de T-Pass” en la oficina principal

    2.      Gire en el formulario y adjunte el pase que no funcione. El pase que no funciona DEBE entregarse con el formulario; de lo contrario, asumiremos que se perdió y se aplicarán la tarifa de $5.

    Nueva Dirección

    1.     Llene el “Formulario de solicitud de T-Pass” en la oficina principal

    2.     Entregue el formulario y adjunte una copia de un comprobante de residencia, como una factura de servicios públicos o una factura de teléfono celular. Debe estar fechado dentro de los últimos 30 días. No se solicitará un nuevo pase hasta que se entregue el comprobante de residencia.

    Tiempo de Espera Para un Nuevo Pase

    Los pases se solicitan a las Escuelas Públicas de Boston o MBTA. Pueden pasar hasta un mes que se entreguen los pases. Durante este tiempo de espera, el estudiante es responsable de ir y venir de la escuela por su cuenta. Pases temporales no están disponibles.

  • What are your school hours?

    For all middle school campuses, the typical school day is from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Fridays. For Excel Academy Charter High School, the typical school day is from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday through Wednesday , and 8:30 a.m. to 2:25 p.m. on Thursdays, and from 8:30 am to 1:50 pm on Fridays. There are exceptions to this schedule which will be indicated in the school’s published calendar.

    Please click here to see a sample school day.

    Please note that these hours are subject to change due to COVID-19.

  • My child has an IEP. Will Excel Academy accommodate them?

    Excel does not discriminate against students with disabilities in its admissions process, and each and every student who enters its doors receives a free and appropriate public education (FAPE). Students at Excel are educated in the least restrictive environment (LRE) in an inclusive classroom to the maximum extent possible. Research shows that students with disabilities receive a better education when they are learning alongside their general education peers in an inclusive setting.

    Students with disabilities who qualify for services may receive either an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a Section 504 Accommodation Plan (504 Plan). These plans are developed as the laws direct: by a team composed of the student’s teachers, Learning Specialist, service providers, if applicable (e.g., counselor, occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist), and the parent(s)/guardian(s). Collaboration and communication between all team members is ongoing and crucial in helping students meet their academic potential. At Excel, we believe that parents are invaluable partners in the education process and that all educators have a responsibility to ensure that the educational needs of all students are met.

    Each and every student at Excel Academy is held to the highest expectations based upon the child’s abilities. Students with IEPs are provided with individualized instruction to meet each student’s individual needs according to their educational plan. They may receive additional in-class support, out-of-class support, accommodations, and/or modifications as decided by the student’s IEP team to enable them to reach their full potential. Students with 504 plans are provided with accommodations and/or services necessary for them to make appropriate progress in the general education curriculum.

    If you have questions about your student’s specific needs, please contact enrollment@excelacademy.org and we will connect you to the appropriate resource. You can also view the “Right to Attend” notice, outlining your rights.